From fossil palynology to modern aerobiology and building the bridge with pollen allergy science

Mittwoch, 05. Juli 2017

26th-28th of October 2017, Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Visit the the first come-together of Palynology, Aerobiology and Allergy science!

You can download the preliminary program undefinedhere.
You are cordially invited to share this program with your research groups, students and colleagues. Note that there are still slots for posters as a possibility to present your research with a deadline for application until 28th of August 2017.

Note that there is no registration fee to encourage especially young scientists to join the Symposium.

Please fill in the undefinedregistration form and send it to PAAS2017(a) until 28th of August 2017.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Vienna,
the initiator of PAAS 2017 Carmi Geller-Bernstein
and the scientific and organizing committee


Wochenpollenvorhersage Johannes - 19.07.2017


Belastung mit allergenen Pollen schwach bis mäßig - mit allergenen Schimmelpilzsporen stark!

Wochenpollenvorhersage Lucie - 12.07.2017


Tendenziell nur noch maximal mäßige Gräserpollenbelastungen - aber Vorsicht vor blühenden...

Wochenpollenvorhersage Mio - 05.07.2017


Gräserpollenbelastung allmählich geringer - Pilzsporen und Kräuterpollen in steigender Zahl