European Information pollen trap

Mittwoch, 04. März 2015

by Michel Thibaudon, Samuel Monnier, January 2015

A google sheet has been created in order to collect information about pollen
networks in Europe. A Google sheet with different questions was send to a list of people involved in aerobiology all over the world (cf list in annex). Only European colleagues responded, + some countries as Turkey and Israel.
The answers to questions are presented below for each country. They were classified into seven main categories:

1. European information pollen traps
2. Phenology data and sentinel gardens
3. Clinical data-Meteorological forecast-Allergy information
4. Annual budget-Law or other regulatory text
6. Modelisation for information and real time pollen information
7. Annex: list of people who received the questionnaire

Please find the document undefinedhere.


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