Call for Tel-Aviv Symposium participation

Dienstag, 02. August 2016

Pine (Pinus) pollen in a fossil sample (after acetolysis) and in a recent aerobiological sample (with plasma, coloured by safranin), size 50 - 70 µm.

"From fossil palynology to modern aerobiology"


Dr. Carmi Geller-Bernstein would like to organize in October 2017 a 2 days symposium located in Tel-Aviv, Israel, on behalf of the International Association for Aerobiology (IAA) and the European Aerobiology Society (EAS).


The theme of the symposium may be ,,From fossil palynology to modern aerobiology,,.


In order to prepare this symposium it is necessary to know, if more than 40 scientists may be interested in this proposal.


Please, if you are interested in this topic, write a short message to Dr. Carmi Geller-Bernstein: carmigb1(at)



Wochenpollenvorhersage Simon - 02.10.2018


Die Pollensaison ist beendet.

Wochenpollenvorhersage Michelle - 26.09.2018


Für Pollenallergiker besteht quasi kein Risiko mehr - Pilzsporenallergiker müssen sich noch etwas...

Wochenpollenvorhersage Anton - 19.09.2018


Mit dem Herbstanfang verflüchtigen sich die Pollen.